What is ADHERE?

As part of the Aberdeen City Councils initiative to help you and other Abderdeen residents better understand their Home Energy efficiency, the council have partnered with IRT Surveys and Home Energy Scotland to provide an energy information portal.

Over the 2014/2015 winter period IRT Surveys have thermally imaged over 7000 homes in the Aberdeen region. These images show regions of heat loss from the property and the estimated energy, CO2 and cost associated with the additional energy loss.

Potential energy savings from property refurbishments are calculated and shown in your personal home report page.

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What if I have a question?

Our partners Home Energy Scotland can help with any questions you may have. Call 0808 808 2282 and mention the ADHERE site.

What will you see?

Each thermal image has been cropped to only show your property. Regions of increased heat loss will be shown in Red , Yellow and Green. With Red being the most severe. Grey/Blue colours show consistent regions suggesting they are losing less energy.

Below each image you will see a green bar detailing Energy, CO2 and Cost. These numbers represent the estimated associated loses caused by the red, yellow and green regions in the image.

EPC rating / Refurbishment Savings

The EPC rating estimates the current overall efficiency of your home and its potential. The property is given a grading from A to G and are based on the energy use of your property and it's CO2 use. This rating is only an estimation and not an official EPC.

Potential savings have been calculated using SAP2012. Savings are an estimation of the potential savings and are based on the supplied data being correct. We recommend you check the current data to see if it matches your actual construction. If it is incorrect contact Home Energy Scotland.

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